Read the Recipes. Hear the Stories. See the Photos.

HoneyandSchmaltz.com is a website I created as my thesis project to fulfill my
Master’s Degree in Food Studies at NYU in Spring 2014.

I met with Jewish people of various denominations and backgrounds in and around the New York area. I asked them to share a recipe with me; one that had been passed down through their family, embodied their heritage, and evoked vivid memories. I asked each of the people I met with to not only share the recipe, but also allow me to interview them about the story behind the recipe. I wanted to know whom it came from, where it had originated, and what its significance was in their family.

My intention was show how a culture and tradition survives through the stories they tell and the communion of food. Food is a way of preserving a legacy; it is a way to express tradition and honor the memories of ancestors.

In engaging chefs, authors, historians, restaurateurs, educators, and writers, I
learned the chronicle of a people as their memories simmered and stewed on their stovetops and counters.

I hope that HoneyandSchmaltz.com, which is a culmination of the recipes they
shared with me, the stories they told me, and the photos I took of them, will serve as their collective testimony. My hope is that it enshrines their ancestors and provides an archive for their recipes. In the end, it is a menu for memory.