Annie Hauck-Lawson & Jane Hauck


Annie Hauck-Lawson is the founder and creator of Mompost; an education and consulting service intended to demystify and show the ease and allure of composting to the average individual. A master composter and registered dietician, Annie has been on the faculty at Brooklyn College and most recently Poly Prep where she serves as Greening Director. Annie is the co-editor of the book, Gastropolis: Food and New York City. It is in this collection of food stories that Annie has written about growing up in Brooklyn with parents who taught her the ways of living a sustainable life. She was raised surrounded by foraged foods, homegrown produce, and chickens, bees, and pigs as pets. Annie created the term “food voice,” which she uses to describe meaning and aspects of identity as expressed though food.

Jane Hauck was born in 1923 in Kliszow, Poland. When her mother and father left for Canada when she was a little girl, she was raised by her grandparents on their multi-generational family farm. It was there she learned the joys of growing and making your own food. Jane has been making pierogi her entire life. She used to make them with her mother and her grandmother. Now she makes them with her daughter, Annie and her granddaughter, Alana Grace.