Dahlia Abraham Klein


Dahlia Abraham Klein is the author of The Silk Road Vegetarian a cookbook that adapts the dishes of her cultural heritage to meet the needs of her vegetarian diet using locally sourced ingredients. Dahlia is part Afghan and part Bukharian (southern Muslim republic of Russia) and a lot in between. Her parents lived in Bukhara, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India before meeting in Israel and then settling down in India. The diversity in the dishes has to do with the spices that were indigenous to the country and the produce that were seasonally available. Many of the dishes were inherently vegetarian because a meat-based diet along the Silk Route was a luxury because of the expense and the scarcity of animals. In addition to being an author, Dahlia started and oversees the first CSA in her neighborhood of Great Neck, NY and holds a monthly challah baking workshop in her home.