Eitan Sasson


Eitan was born in Israel and is currently living on Long Island.  Growing up in Israel, the kitchen was the heart and center of the family’s lives. Watching his mother preparing dinner, almost daily, as she returned home from work, helped Eitan appreciate and value home cooking and enjoy being in the kitchen.  Eitan’s parents came to Israel as young teenagers with their families in the early 50s; his father from Iraq and his mother from Iran.  Although many of her dishes were influenced and reflected both Iranian and Iraqi cuisines, Eitan’s mother’s kitchen is very Israeli in the sense that his mother uses and cooks dishes of her friends and neighbors who came to Israel from Morocco, eastern and central Europe and the Balkans.

Eitan and his wife, Lisa love cooking together. Lisa is the main cook and Eitan is her obedient and admiring assistant.

Eitan represents the Israeli Dan Hotels chain in the United States.