Mitchell Davis


Mitchell Davis is the executive vice president of the James Beard Foundation, a cookbook author, a food journalist, and a scholar with a Ph.D. in Food Studies from NYU. With the Beard Foundation for almost 20 years, Davis has created and overseen many important initiatives, most recently an annual conference on sustainability and public health in the food system. He holds a chair on the academy of the London-based World’s 50 Best Restaurants program. Davis is the host of Taste Matters, a weekly radio show on The Heritage Radio Network.

His 2002 book, “The Mensch Chef: Or Why Delicious Jewish Food Isn’t an Oxymoron,” which he wrote with his mother, was written before traditional Jewish food became widely accepted in mainstream cuisine as it is today.

Mitchell was recognized in 2013 by the Jewish Daily Forward as being one of the ‘Forward 50’ top American Jews.

The recipe he chose, Jewish Spaghetti, is a long standing favorite in his family despite being neither Jewish nor spaghetti. Discuss.