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A Green Pot Full of Wonder

Author: Cara De Silva

In lieu of a traditional recipe, Cara De Silva chose to share the memory of a “green pot full of wonder” from which her grandmother produced delicious foods such as kreplach and kneidlach. In her words, when Cara thinks of the pot it’s like a “Jewish fairytale” of her childhood.


1 heavy, small green pot
Wonder (to taste)


Find a big green pot
Fill it with something wondrous

Serve immediately


Cara De Silva is an award-winning journalist, food historian, writer, and lecturer. She is also the editor of In Memory’s Kitchen: A Legacy from the Women of Terezin, an influential work that editors of the New York Times Book Review referred to as “noteworthy.”  A repository of recipes set down by starving women in a Czechoslovakian concentration camp, the book is a form of Holocaust literature, the dream cookbook, that was largely unknown before its publication. An important contribution to critical literature about women and the Holocaust, it has been celebrated across the United States, Europe, and beyond.

The book began as an article written by Cara for her then newspaper,  Newsday/ New York Newsday  for which her beat was New York’s ethnic neighborhoods. It was during that time that her passion for exploring other cultures through food was solidified. It was also then that she began to think about her own memories, heritage and traditions, all redolent of the delicious dishes her Polish grandmother had prepared in a magical green pot.