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A Bag of Oranges

Author: Clark Wolf

In lieu of a traditional recipe, Clark Wolf opted to share the ingredients for a bag of oranges; a gift he received whenever he would visit his “Zyede with the whiskers” in the “old folks home.”


One bag of any sort
Several oranges


Open bag
Peel an orange
Eat and enjoy in good health

* may be substituted for lemons


Clark Wolf is the President of Clark Wolf Company, a New York and California based food and restaurant consulting firm. Clark also works as author, editor, and a writer. Before opening his own firm, Clark tried out every job in the food industry from railway server to cheese monger and everything in between.

Since 1996, Wolf has served as Chair of the Advisory Committee to New York University’s Department of Nutrition & Food Studies and helped to formulate the country’s first full Food Studies program with Dr. Marion Nestle. After founding the New York chapter of the American Institute of Wine & Food, he served on its National Board and mounted six international conferences.

Clark has many wonderful food memories from his childhood, though none more noteworthy than a bag of oranges given to him by his grand-grandfather (Zeyde with the whiskers) that represented health and joy.